We believe that all individuals, including those who are impoverished, should have the opportunity to control, improve, and enrich their lives and community.


Through legal advocacy, we transform the lives of those in poverty to increase opportunities, fairness, and stability, for a stronger community and justice for all.


  • Diversity: We embrace individuals of diverse cultural, social, and/or economic backgrounds.
  • Empathy: We take the time to have a deeper understanding of our clients' and team members' experiences, opinions, and personal feelings.
  • Justice: We pursue the fight for justice for all.
  • Leadership: We use our values and skills to drive the fight for justice within our communities and staff.


  • Professionalism: We have an atmosphere of professional behavior with an emphasis on continuous education, internally and externally.
  • Respect: We demonstrate honesty and integrity while recognizing everyone's inherent dignity.
  • Transformation: We empower clients to be self-directed so that they feel confident in the face of life's obstacles. In addition, we empower each other to feel collaborative in our clients' choice and solutions through open dialogue and communication.