Foreclosure Toolkit

It doesn’t take much to get behind on your house payments. And when you do, it can make you feel uncertain and even embarrassed.

But if you’re worried about losing your home, or if you’ve received papers about foreclosure, you may still have options. A loan modification can help you get caught up on payments and can save your home.

This toolkit is designed to help you through this process.


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Frequently asked questions (FAQS)

What court forms do I need to respond to a foreclosure notice?

If you receive a foreclosure notice, you will have to file paperwork in court to respond to that notice. This is called your “answer.” You can download a template here, and also view an instruction guide here.

What is a hardship letter?

When you apply for a loan modification, you will need to include a letter that explains why you are experiencing financial hardship and need to change your loan. You can download an example here.

How can I protect myself from foreclosure scams?

When you’re facing foreclosure, a lot of companies may start contacting you and saying they can help you save your home. This brochure will help you understand the difference between those who can actually help you, and those that may be scams.

How can I better understand the legal terms related to a foreclosure?

It can be difficult to understand all the big financial and legal terms that come when you receive a foreclosure notice. This document will help define all the terms you may not know, so you can be sure you have the full picture.