At Legal Aid, we believe that all individuals should have opportunities to control, improve, and enrich their lives and community - and that includes equal access to quality education.  LIFE is a collaborative project designed to improve access to quality education for students with special needs and address root causes of educational disparities.

How does LIFE work?

Every child can learn. But for a child struggling in school, every day can be discouraging. We know parents or guardians are a child's best advocate. However, it is not always easy to know how to ask the school for what a child needs.

LIFE is holding free workshops to help parents and guardians learn about what educational services are available to their child and how they can actively work with the school to make sure their child gets the support they need.

At the workshop, parents and guardians will get a resource toolkit that guides them through the processes they're likely to face with their child.

After the workshop, parents and guardians will have a chance to talk one-on-one with a lawyer about their child's situation.  For families with complex legal needs, we may be able to provide direct representation to help you work with the school.

Who does LIFE serve?


When are the LIFE workshops?

We are in the process of scheduling our workshops for November and December 2019.  If you register online or by phone, we will let you know when the workshops are scheduled.

Food and refreshments are available at all LIFE workshops.  Children are welcome.  The workshops are open to families at all income levels. Each family that registers and shows up will receive a free children's book.

How do I register for a workshop or get more about LIFE?

To register for a workshop or to get more information about LIFE services:

Click here to fill out an online registration form
Call us at (330) 983-2698
For information on hosting a workshop, click here to email us.

How can I become a LIFE partner?

If your organization is interested in becoming a LIFE partner, click here to email us.


Last updated on July 28, 2023.