Community Legal Aid Sustainer Program

Make it monthly!

We're honored to fight for justice for those under served in our communities - and we bet you are, too! Now, becoming a Legal Aid advocate has never been easier.

You're invited to join an elite group of supporters by becoming a monthly Sustainer. By donating monthly, you ensure that we can continue to help those in need regardless of our financial climate.

Our Sustainers:

  • Help us plan for the future. We are able to budget more accurately with ongoing contribution commitments.
  • Streamline the donation process. Automated recurring donations are efficient and cost-effective for us.
  • Allow us to spend more time with clients. When we know where our money is coming from, we can focus less on fundraising and more on impacting clients and communities.

You don't have to give much to become a Sustainer. A dollar-a-day, or $30 per month, lets you help one struggling family per year. But you can set up your payments to match the level of impact you want to have.

Select your level

Sustainer Levels