Looking Forward: Legal Aid's 2019 Campaign

Last year, Community Legal Aid set out to reimagine its future.

Staff, board members, and volunteers spent 12 months crafting a new vision for the organization.

The result was a transformative plan - to change lives.

Staff started by looking inward. We worked through some challenging conversations about what we believe and why we do what we do.

And then, we focused our efforts outward. We went out and talked with clients and community members. We came together around our common goal of why we exist and said, We’re going to do something about that.

The result:

  • A vision of our community’s future that we aspire to: that all individuals - including those who are impoverished - should have opportunities to control, improve, and enrich their lives and community.
  • A new mission to focus us on how to get there: that through legal advocacy, we transform the lives of those in poverty to increase opportunities, fairness, and stability, for a stronger community and justice for all.
  • And a strengthened organizational culture rooted in our values: diversity, empathy, justice, leadership, professionalism, respect, and transformation.

It’s more about the people now, not about the organization.

We’re excited.

We’re hopeful.

We’re looking forward. And you are an important part of this future.

You know, better than most, how important it is to have an attorney representing you and fighting for your rights.

Will you please make a donation to our Spring Appeal and help make sure that our community’s impoverished families have their rights protected?

Your gift supports our advocates in their direct work with our clients. Thank you for supporting this important work.


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