Partners in Justice

Legal Aid ambassadors in your organization.


Partners in Justice promote Legal Aid to their colleagues with the goal of growing philanthropic and volunteer support. As a result, this program aims to extend the life-changing legal services Legal Aid provides to our low-income neighbors.


Each year, Partners in Justice agree to:

  1. Host an in-house educational event or campaign at their firm or organization to raise awareness and generate financial support for Legal Aid.
  2. Volunteer for at least one pro bono clinic or case through Legal Aid's Volunteer Legal Services Program.
  3. Encourage team members and colleagues to participate in Legal Aid's major events, including it's Anniversary Celebration.

These activities are fully supported by Legal Aid's Volunteer Legal Services Program and the Communications and Development Department. Staff will collaborate with you to create an outreach plan, provide marketing materials and sample correspondence, offer training and mentorship, and provide case management support.

To learn more, email