Parenthood Toolkit: Forms for Visitation (Parenting Time)

When you are ready for file in court for visitation (parenting time), you will need to fill out all the following forms:

  • Complaint: This document asks the court to establish visitation (parenting time).
  • Child Custody Affidavit: This document is required with any new case for parenting time or custody.
  • Parenting Plan or Shared Parenting Plan: These forms tell the court the plan you and your child’s other parent have agreed to. Click here to see examples of different types of visitation schedules.
  • Motion to Change Parenting Time: This form asks the court to change the current parenting time agreement for your child.
  • Motion for Contempt: This form asks the court to enforce a current parenting time order your child’s other parent isn’t following.
  • Income Affidavit: This document is often required with new filings. It tells the court about your income.
  • Poverty Affidavit: This document asks the court to waive your filing fees based on your low-income status.

Click here to view more information and learn about your rights with visitation (parenting time).