Now you have your CPO

CLAS agreed to represent you for your CPO only. You will need to reapply for additional services. You will not be guaranteed representation.

Now that you have your CPO you should:

  • Review the order. Make sure names are spelled correctly

  • Make several copies of the CPO

  • Keep a copy with you at all times

  • Leave copies of the order at your workplace, home, child’s school or daycare, in your car, with a neighbor or relative

  • Give a copy to anyone named in and protected by the order

  • Give copies to your local police and sheriff’s department

Frequently Asked Questions:

What do I do if my abuser violates the CPO? Call the police to report the violation. Be sure to follow up with the police and make sure that a report was filed.

How do I prove a violation? Evidence: witnesses, medical reports, police reports, dated pictures.

How do I renew the CPO? Start the renewal process before your current CPO runs out. Avoid being unprotected or having to start the entire process over again. To renew or extend your CPO you will go to court for a short hearing. At the hearing you will need to explain why you are still in fear and need an extension of your CPO.

Courts can renew CPOs beyond their five year maximum. You must file a motion for renewal or extension of the CPO. You will also need to serve the abuser with a copy of the motion. Some courts require a new act or threat of violence before they will grant an extension or renewal. In other courts a continued fear of the abuser or a combination of past acts of violence and continued fear will be enough to extend or renew. It’s best to start the renewal process before the current CPO expires.

Do I need to give the schools a copy? Yes. It is a good idea to give schools that you or your children attend a copy of your CPO.

What happens if I move? A CPO obtained in Ohio is effective throughout Ohio. If you move you should give a copy of your CPO to your new local police or sheriff’s department. If you move outside of Ohio, you will need to check to see how your new state treats out of state orders. Federal Law allows for CPOs to follow you wherever you go through Full Faith and Credit, but different states have different laws. You can call the National Center on Full Faith and Credit to find out how your new state treats your CPO at 1-800-256-5883 ext. 2. Or call you local legal aid office.

Can a CPO be changed or modified? Yes. You can go back to court to have your CPO modified or revoked at any time. CLAS does not provide representation for revocation or modification services. Do not cause your abuser to violate your CPO. The only way to modify or terminate a CPO is in Court. You cannot “waive” a CPO by inviting the person into your home.

Do the police have to enforce the CPO? Yes. Violation of a CPO is a crime.

How do I get a new Social Security number? Contact the Social Security Administration.

Information on Battered Women’s Shelter and other important resources

Columbiana County

Christina's House


Alliance Area DV Shelter


Mahoning County

Sojourner House


Alliance Area DV Shelter


Stark County

Domestic Violence Project, In.

Canton 330-453-7233

Massillon 330-393-1565

Alliance Area DV Shelter


Wayne County

Every Woman's House

330-263-1020 (24hr crisis hotline)

1-800-686-1122 (toll free)


Victim's Assistance


Medina County

Battered Women's Shelter

1-877-414-1344 (24hr crisis hotline)

330-723-3900 (crisis)


Summit County

Battered Women's Shelter

1-888-395-4357 (24hr crisis hotline)

330-374-1111 (crisis)

330-374-0740 (business)

Trumbull County

Someplace Safe

330-393-1565 or 330-393-3003

Portage County

Safer Futures



This article is meant to give you general information and not to give you specific legal advice.

Prepared by Community Legal Aid Services, Inc. Updated May 2012.