ED Update: Teaming Up to Help a Neighborhood in Need

Pro Bono partnerships can exponentially increase how many of our low-income neighbors  we are able to help. This is why we are thrilled to share that we are teaming up with Brennan, Manna & Diamond to help close the justice gap in northeast Ohio.

We are joining hands to improve the lives of community members in one of Akron’s disadvantaged neighborhoods. On April 21st, we are jointly hosting a free Neighborhood Law Clinic in the Middlebury neighborhood, where volunteer attorneys will spend the morning answering residents’ legal questions and offering advice. (link to press release)

This partnership is a crucial part of Legal Aid’s strategy to further assist low-income clients. With our pro bono partners’ help, our goal is to embed legal help within the community to sufficiently reduce the justice gap reflecting the direct needs and interests of the community.


Why is this Partnership so Important?

  1. 71% of low-income households have experienced a civil legal problem in the last year alone.

  2. Only one-third of the public that comes to Legal Aid seeking legal assistance can be represented due to limited resources.

  3. There is only one legal aid attorney for every 6,415 low-income individuals nationally.

  4. According to the Legal Service’s Corporation’s 2017 Justice Gap Report, 86% of the civil legal problems reported by low-income Americans receive inadequate or no legal help.

  5. Pro Bono work can help attorneys expand their knowledge and expertise in new areas of law to help build their practices, further strengthening the community.


Interested in community lawyering?

Join BMD’s lead by partnering with Community Legal Aid so you can help close the justice gap for good. For more information, contact us at vlsp@communitylegalaid.org.

About Us

Community Legal Aid’s mission is to serve people in need. As a nonprofit we have very limited resources to serve a majority of those in need. To learn more about us, visit https://www.communitylegalaid.org/.  

Brennan, Manna, and Diamond’s mission is to listen, solve and empower. BMD is a full-service law firm serving entrepreneurs and businesses in a wide variety of industries. To learn more, visit http://www.bmdllc.com/.


Steven McGarrity, Esq., Executive Director, Community Legal Aid

Michael Steel, Esq., Partner, BMD

Duriya Dhinojwala, Esq., Partner, BMD

Posted: April 9, 2018