ED Update: 7 reasons Legal Aid loves the Bar Association

Legal aid and the private bar have had a long-standing history of collaboration and support. Did you know that the American Bar Association was the first major organizational proponent of legal assistance to the poor? They created a standing committee on legal aid in the early 1920s and endorsed the creation of the Office of Economic Opportunity’s Legal Services department in 1965 - a department that would eventually transform into the independent Legal Services Corporation.
To celebrate this partnership, and in light of this month’s Valentine’s Day celebration, I thought it was fitting to share the top reasons why we at Legal Aid love our local Bar Association.

  1. Your commitment to access to justice for all people, regardless of ability to pay.
  2. Your dedication to pro bono service, whether through partnership with Legal Aid or in your own practice.
  3. Your desire for lifelong learning and the betterment of the legal profession through continued education.
  4. The strong sense of community you foster by bringing together a network of legal professionals from across geographic, service, economic, and political spectrums.
  5. Your “put-your-money-where-your-mouth-is” mentality in financially supporting our services to indigent clients.
  6. The rich history and sense of democracy your association stands for in the legal community.
  7. Your commitment not only to maintaining, but also to continuously defining what it means to have a high standard of professionalism in the legal vocation.

Thank you for all you do - not just to support our organization and mission, but also all you do for the individuals and families who need help in our community. By helping them break the cycle of poverty and become more engaged citizens, you are strengthening the core of our democracy.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Posted: February 2, 2018