Voluntary Pro Bono Reporting Underway, ABA Pro Bono Survey Included

The Ohio Supreme Court is sending the annual email to attorneys on active, emeritus pro bono, or corporate registration status with a link to the 2016 voluntary pro bono reporting website.  The reporting website enables attorneys to, voluntarily and anonymously, report pro bono work performed and contributions to legal service organizations made during 2016. 

New to the email this year is a second link to a national survey on pro bono work currently being conducted by the American Bar Association.  The ABA survey solicits information about pro bono work in the prior year, similar to Ohio’s own voluntary reporting process, but also asks questions related to characteristics of an attorney’s typical pro bono work and about factors that encourage or discourage the choice to do pro bono work. 

Both voluntary pro bono reporting and the ABA survey will be open through March.  Attorneys who have not received the Supreme Court’s email may request links to both by email to justiceinaction@olaf.org

Posted: January 23, 2017