Legal Aid Participates in UA "Rethinking Race" Series

Legal Aid Attorneys Give Presentation as part of the University of Akron's "Rethinking Race" Series

On February 3, 2016, Legal Aid's Advocacy Director Gary Benjamin, Managing Attorney John Petit, and Attorneys Greg Sain and Tim Kozlowski gave a presentation with Terry Albanese of the Akron Mayor's office and Kyle Jullien, Director of Planning for East Akron Neighborhood Development Corporation.  The title of the presentation was "Race: Addressing the Inequities; Seeing Them and Working to Change Them" and was a part of the University of Akron's "Rethinking Race" series.  The presentation gave an overview of past government sanctioned housing policies that have contributed to the current racial climate.  The discussion also focused on what courses of action are available to rectify to history of inequity and segregation in our communities and provide equal opportunity communities members at large.  A link to a video of the presentation can be found below.

Posted: February 12, 2016