Making an Impact

On Friday, October 30th the VLSP hosted the Call for Change Campaign, a pro bono helpline event in response to the American Bar and Ohio State Bar Associations' call for a day of service. A total of 23 attorneys volunteered their time to offer counsel and advice. Over 100 local residents were served. These clients might not have otherwise found access to the legal help they needed.  In addition to attorneys, 4 local law students followed up with applicants interested in the Jerome L. Holub Bankruptcy Program.


Special thanks to the following attorneys who participated in the event: Lynn Clark, Joanne Sahl, Edward Schneider, Harry McKeen, Sean Keenan, Pat Cusma, Robert Christian, Thomas Lyden, Matthew VanSuch, Ned Gold, Richard Goodman, Charlene Burke, Jane Davis, Maura McCaughey, Robert Morris, Charles Budde, Dean Grase, Nancy Grim, Richard Nicodemo, David Barbee, John Ertle, Gerald Glinsek, and Amanda Jo Jackson.


We couldn't have made such an impact without you!