Board of Trustees

David E. Butz, Attorney at Law

Vice President
Christopher T. Teodosio, Attorney at Law

Joseph A. Ferrise, Attorney at Law

Marcus Wainwright, Attorney at Law

Immediate Past President
Dionne Lacey, Community Representative



Chelsea M. Croy Smith, Attorney at Law

Duriya Dhinojwala, Attorney at Law

Erin Dickinson, Attorney at Law

DeAudra Edgerson, Community Representative

Athena Gough, Community Representative

Chantal Jackson, Attorney at Law

J. Sean Keenan, Attorney at Law

Akim Lattermore, Community Representative

Erin L. Palmer, Attorney at Law

Christopher Wetherbee, Attorney at Law

Kathy Wilkins, Community Representative


Management Team

Executive Director

Steven McGarrity, Attorney at Law

Chief Financial Officer

Lisa Carley

Advocacy Director

Rachel Nader, Attorney at Law

Director of Client Services

Ken Mirkin

Chief Development Officer

Shirley Smith

IT Manager

Dan Ragan


Management Staff

Mindy Browning, Accounting Manager

Andrea Burton, Managing Attorney

Jeanne Charles, Managing Attorney

Jennifer Connolly, Executive Assistant

Sandra Costa, VLSP Office Manager

Ayesha Cotton, Managing Attorney

Marie Curry, Managing Attorney

Linda Duffy, Grants Manager

Steven Fonseca, IT Support Engineer

Ereka Langford, Office Manager

Andrew Neuhauser, Managing Attorney

John Petit, Managing Attorney

Rhonda Procaccio, Director of Accounting

Elsa Reale-Gottfried, Managing Attorney

Jodi Roberts, Communications  Manager

Dawn Spriggs, Managing Attorney

Ben Timberlake, HR Manager

Michelle Wrona-Fox, Managing Attorney

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