Abundant Need, Limited Resources


Research shows that 40% of low-income households will face at least one legal issue each year, yet there is only one Legal Aid attorney for every 6,415 low-income individuals. We need the pro bono involvement of local attorneys in order to meet this great need.


Access to Justice


No one wants to navigate the complex legal system alone. Attorneys are uniquely trained to offer legal counsel and assistance. Unrepresented litigants are more likely to have a negative experience with the legal system. For low-income residents, legal representation is the difference between achieving stability or remaining in a crisis state.


What Others Are Saying


No one can better state the value and joy of being a volunteer like our volunteers themselves! Hear what some of them have to say about pro bono.


Making a Difference


Everyone stands to gain when we work together to meet the civil legal needs of Ohio's low-income residents. By offering assistance, you can help clients preserve their housing, strengthen their economic security, and protect their health and safety. With their legal issues resolved, clients have the energy and the means to achieve self-sufficiency. They have the financial independence and resources to support their local economy.


Join Now

Take action today to help meet the civil legal needs of Ohioans who may have no where else to turn. Visit the "Volunteer Opportunities for Attorneys" page to learn about the many different ways you can get involved.