We could not accomplish our mission without the help of dedicated attorneys who offer their service pro bono. We believe "one size does not fit all" when it comes to volunteering your professional services. Therefore, we have designed a wide range of opportunites to support the pro bono efforts of local attorneys.


Pro Bono Representation Programs

By far the most common form of pro bono service, these programs allow you to use your professional expertise to meet a variety of legal needs. The length and scope of commitment varies per case situation.


Direct Pro Bono Work

Provide full legal representation for low income residents who might not otherwise have access to the assistance they need. Cases are referred in accordance to your designated practice expertise. Learn more...


Reduced Fee Divorce Program

Assist families seeking a relatively simple divorce. Cases are prescreened for complexity and qualifying referrals include a modest attorney fee. Learn more....


Jerome L. Holub Bankruptcy Project

Offer a financial fresh start to low income residents needing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. "Up front" work is completed by law students or VLSP paralegal under the supervision of staff attorneys. By the time the matter is referred to you, the case is almost ready to file and the filing fee is in escrow. Learn more...


Limited Service Programs

Designed for those who want to help but face significant time constraints. These short-term opportunities allow you to make a big impact with a limited investment.


Counsel and Advice Clinic

Provide brief advice at various clinic locations. Offer guidance in matters related to your practice expertise and make referrals as appropriate. Learn more...


Pro Bono Helpline

Offer advice and counsel over the phone instead of "in person". Make referral for additional Legal Aid services as appropriate. Flexible hours and convenience make this an ideal service opportunity. Learn more...


Pro Se Clinic (Divorce or Custody)

Assist clients with simple divorce or agreed upon custody related matters. Provide classroom instruction on document preparation, filing requirements, and case related expectations. VLSP support staff takes over at the completion of class to ensure participants' success.


Peace of Mind Workshop (Bankruptcy By-Pass Program)

Protect clients from harassment by explaining their options to manage debt related issues. Assist clients who need to communicate their "uncollectable" status to creditors. Learn more...


Estate Planning Clinic (Will Clinic)

Educate participants on a variety of topics including wills; durable power of attorney; advance directives; and, transfer of property. Assist in necessary document preparation or review as needed. Learn more...


Non-Traditional Programs

We recognize not all pro bono work looks the same. Here are additional opportunities to use your professional skills for public good.


Mentoring Program

Support the pro bono efforts of less experienced attorneys, or those expanding their practice area.


Community Education

Share your legal knowledge with others. Lead a CLE class or participate in a public awareness campaign on a variety of legal issues.


Apply now to join our team of Volunteer Legal Professionals. Not only will you help change the lives of Ohio residents, your own life may be changed as well! Learn more about the supports available for pro bono service here.