Big Ideas: Disrupting the status quo in civil justice

Sir Isaac Newton is credited with the premise that an object in motion stays in motion, unless acted on by an outside force.

The same is true for our civil justice system.

The issues that we at Legal Aid see every day, the issues that plague our clients and community, are not new -- generational poverty, health disparities, chronic stereotypes and stigmas, racism and discrimination, the justice gap.

These are the things that prevent our clients from controlling, improving, and enriching their own lives and the communities in which they live. They have been around for decades, and they will continue to fester -- unless something disrupts the pattern.

Big Ideas is Legal Aid's weekly commitment to shedding light on these issues and highlighting strategies that can disrupt them in a way that could bring about positive change. We invite you to join the dialogue by following us on social media.

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Credit reports: Another barrier to affordable housing

What happens now? Ukrainian parolees face an uncertain future

The journey to safety: Fleeing war and facing uncertainty

The Expanded CTC: Another step in the right direction in the war on childhood poverty

Leaving money on the table: Why public benefits go unclaimed

Legal aid strengthens local economies

The key to a stronger economy

A glimpse behind-the-scenes: Understanding the value of an attorney

A surprising way to intervene, restore, and build community

Addressing the burden of consumer debt

Why can't we get our arms around the eviction crisis?

Best practices for serving veterans

ODVN's Fatality Report: Sobering insight into intimate partner violence trends in Ohio

Housing rights and survivors of domestic violence

Protecting Survivors: Understanding 10Gs and CPOs

When Social Security hurts the people it's meant to help

The intersection of housing instability and crime

Ohio's troubling wave of Medicaid redeterminations

What happens with a child's IEP services during and after a teacher strike

Tangled titles: When your home is not your own

How bullying intersects with special education needs

Following the rules: Recertification and HUD housing

When time is of the essence: Unemployment beneficiaries at-risk under new law

Steering Clear: The drive for a better future

Dads deserve our help too

Taking it to the streets: Ohio Justice Bus expands access to justice

The realities of achieving American citizenship

Lead free homes: Protecting children from a lifetime of consequences

Work requirements for benefits: The impact on older Americans

Protecting the aging population

Staying well to serve others

A fresh start for returning citizens

Hidden fees exacerbate eviction crisis

When home is spelled H-O-T-E-L

The "Scarlet E" - Overcoming an Eviction Record

Ohio's Shared Parenting Bill: A catalyst for conversation

The court debt spiral

Creditor lawsuits: Giving defendants a fair chance

Nursing home debt: Who is a responsible party?

Crushing student loan debt: there is hope

Gun ownership and CPOs

Tax audits: Equitable or not?

Tax debt woes

Taxes and the immigrant community

Lifting children out of poverty: The brief expansion of the Child Tax Credit

Public benefits benefit the public

It’s all connected: taxes, benefits, and family law

When getting more means some get less

Home for the holidays (part one)

Expanding justice gap puts more Americans at-risk

Thanksgiving: Welcomed at the table?

Giving veterans the benefits they deserve - LGBTQ+ veterans and spouses

Giving veterans the benefits they deserve - PACT Act

Working together to provide access to justice

Money: A tool for abuse

Ohio is pulling a reverse Robin Hood

Using pets to perpetuate abuse

He did it, and so can you: Interview with a volunteer

Infant and maternal health, race, and the Dobbs decision

Ruby Bridges and The Problem We All Continue to Live With

Forgiving student loan debt is not only vital, it's humane

An open letter to survivors' advocates - and an invitation.

Estate planning is for everyone

Beyond equality: Supporting women in the workplace

Ohio's EdChoice leaves students behind

Supporting minority businesses IS community redevelopment

We're proud to be a SafeZone

Remembering General Order Number 3

Fewer gun regulations puts victims at increased risk

Let's let fewer kids be homeless

Serving clients creates advocates for justice

Justice helps bridge our political divide

We still have debtors' prisons in 2022

How to solve the eviction crisis

This landlord wants 80% fewer evictions

Roots matter: Housing stability is critical

Immigration attorney talks crisis in Ukraine

Point/Counterpoint: Major potential impacts of HB 508

SCOTUS nomination shows how far we've come

DEI... A?

Celebrating women in law

58 years later, our war on poverty continues

Thanks for celebrating Black History Month with us

Racism IS a public health crisis, but it's not new

CRT, from a law prof's POV

Legal Aid Amplifies Black voices for Black History Month

Medicaid: It's not really about eligibility

Taxes: The great equalizer... or not

So you're being stalked? Prove it.

Credit costs more for the poor

We are one body

Through the lens of an intake worker

It's not a zero-sum game

We are thankful for our community

More than a pronoun

We served, too: Celebrating LGBTQ+ veterans

When numbers don't tell the whole story

Finally, food stamps get slightly better

Building power for better housing

Confront domestic abuse and the lifeline I needed

Bridging the justice gap: Volunteers matter

Generation of stories, nation of immigrants

Race shouldn't dictate your health

Intimate Partner Violence - Leaving is complicated: One survivor's story

Detention now means prison later

The COVID slide and students with special needs

Fair school funding combats structural racism (8/4/2021)

Team USA: Patriotism means questioning our justice system (7/28/2021)

Let's stop pretending people don't want to work (7/21/2021)

Empowering moms helps babies be healthier (7/14/2021)

We're falling off the eviction cliff. (We just don't know it, yet.) (7/7/2021)

Let's give kids their dads back (6/30/2021)

LGBTQ+ rights are human rights (6/23/2021)

Celebrate Juneteenth by recognizing structural racism (6/16/2021)

Banning income discrimination promotes more inclusive cities (6/9/2021)

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