I don't have a criminal conviction, but can I seal my arrest record or charges brought against me?

Even if you were never convicted of a crime, being arrested or charged with one can still show up on your record. Even if the case was dismissed, or if you were found “not guilty,” or if you were simply arrested without being charged with anything --  all of these things can show up in a criminal record search.

All of these may be able to be sealed, and there is special paperwork you’ll need to file to seal these types of records that is different from if you were trying to seal a conviction. It’s best to talk to any attorney to see what your options are and then decide what path is right for you.

You will have to file paperwork  in the court where your record came from, which means if you have records in different courts, you’ll have to file with each court. The rules and paperwork can be different from court to court. If you have questions about what paperwork you need to file, you can either speak with an attorney or contact your local Clerk of Courts to see what they require.