I have an eviction on my record. Is there anything I can do to get it off?

Once a landlord files to evict you in court, that filing goes on your record. Even if the eviction case gets dismissed, even if you stay in the home, even if you fight the eviction and win -- it still shows up on your record.

If you’ve ever filled out an application to rent, you know that this question comes up. And if you have an eviction on your record, the landlord may just throw out your application. So, it can make it really hard to find affordable housing.

The idea of sealing an eviction record is fairly new. There isn’t any clear law in the state of Ohio for this, but we’ve had some clients who have been able to seal their records by asking the court to do so.

In our experience, there are a few things that make it more likely or easier for you to argue that your eviction record should be sealed, like:

  • If your eviction was dismissed because you paid what you owed or fought and won your case

  • If your eviction was from a long time ago, and you haven’t had any problems with landlords since then

If you think you may be a good candidate for sealing an eviction record, it’s best for you to talk to a lawyer about it, so you can get advice on how to move forward.

You can call your local bar association and ask for a lawyer who specializes in landlord-tenant law, OR you can always apply for Legal Aid at www.communitylegalaid.org/apply or by calling our HelpLine at (800) 998-9454.