How do I get my security deposit back?

You are supposed to get your security deposit back within 30 days after you move. But you have to give your landlord an address for where to send it. Be sure to keep a copy of what you send your landlord with your new address -- like an email or sent by certified mail -- in case you need it for evidence in court. 

Now, your landlord IS allowed to deduct some things from your security deposit -- like if you still owed rent or utilities, any late fees, or the cost of repairing any damages you made. But to do this, they have to put in writing how much they are taking out and for what.

They should NOT take money out of your security deposit for rent you don’t owe, utility charges that were their responsibility, excessive late fees, or repairs for damages you didn’t cause.

Download a sample request form here to ask for your security deposit back.