What repairs do I need to make before moving out?

According to Ohio law, you have a responsibility to take care of the property while you’re living in it. Even when you are evicted, this is still true.

So, as you’re getting ready to move out, make sure you clean your home and fix any minor damages you caused. Typical wear and tear is expected, but if you created holes in the walls or let a leaking faucet run and damage the floor, you will likely need to fix these things. It’s important to do this, because it can affect whether or not you get your security deposit back.

When you do make repairs, make sure they are up to the condition of the rest of the home. If your landlord can show that any repairs you did are not up to standard, they can ask the court to make you pay to have them redone.

Now, there are several things you are NOT responsible for fixing, so let’s talk about those:

  • Any damage that existed before you moved in

  • Any damage that you reported to the landlord, that they ignored

  • Any damage that was out of your control -- like vandalism or break-ins

  • Any damage caused by nature, like storms

It is helpful if you can provide proof that you aren’t responsible for these types of repairs. So if you have photos, weather reports, police reports, emails or texts to your landlord, make sure you print these out and bring them to court with you as evidence.