Learn about the Law: Taxes for low-income workers

Taxes are an important part of our life as American citizens. It can be scary if you owe the IRS money or if they audit your taxes.

Taxes also can be a way to get back money through tax credits and help you improve your financial situation.

Legal Aid is committed to helping low-income taxpayers resolve conflicts with the IRS and get the most out of their taxes.

This page contains general information about low-income tax issues. Click on a topic below to learn more.


I haven't filed my taxes for at least a couple years. What should I do? (coming soon)

What do I do if the IRS is auditing my taxes? (coming soon)

I owe money to the IRS. What are my options if I can't afford to pay them back? (more information coming soon)

I'm interested in learning about the low-income taxpayer clinic (LITC) (more information coming soon)