My child has tested positive for lead. What are my options?

The information below will help you understand what you can do after your child has been poisoned by lead.


What resources are out there?

If your child has been affected by lead poisoning, it’s likely you and your family will need some ongoing support.

There is help. Here are some resources you can look into to see what might be available in your area:

  • Your local children’s hospital is a great resource. Depending on how high your child’s lead levels are, there may be treatment options available for them to try to remove the lead from their bloodstream. One great program available locally is Akron Children’s Lead Clinic. They take a holistic approach to making sure children and families get the medical and social support they need to overcome lead poisoning.

  • Your local Developmental Disabilities board is another good resource. Many DD boards have programs specifically meant for children with lead poisoning and children who are lead poisoned automatically qualify for early intervention programs. Find your local DD board here.

  • You should also get in touch with your local school district. Depending on how severe your child’s lead poisoning was, it’s possible they may need some extra support and help as they go through school. Getting familiar with the special education department at your school, the IEP process, and 504 plans can make your child’s educational journey smoother. If you have questions about what services and support your child’s school needs to provide, you can contact us to learn more about our Learning is for Everyone (LIFE) project.