LAV: Saving lives, supporting survivors

Legal Assistance to Victims

A partnership with local shelters, courts, and other community services to serve survivors of violence.


How can legal aid help?

Our legal team can provide free information, advice, and even representation on domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, and other issues affecting survivors of abuse. We can help with:

  • Protection orders for sexual assault, stalking, and domestic violence
  • Custody and visitation rights
  • Divorce
  • and many other legal issues that impact a survivor's ability to move on and become safe and independent from their abuser


How does LAV work?

Victims are referred through community partner organizations, including domestic violence shelters. They are then screened for eligibility before being placed with an attorney or volunteer. Those not eligible for services may also receive referrals to other community services or self-help materials to assist in court proceedings.


Who are our partners?

Others coming soon.


"We do many things at Legal Aid. We save homes by preventing evictions and foreclosures. We save much needed benefits for the disabled and for veterans. We save income and assets for people facing crushing debt through bankruptcy. But there is only one thing we do that directly saves lives, and that is the work we do for survivors of violence."

-Steven McGarrity, Legal Aid Executive Director