Need help sealing a criminal record?

Re-entering the community with a criminal background can be overwhelming. When you have a record, it can keep you from getting jobs, housing, or even a degree.

At Community Legal Aid, we believe in your right to start over. To help you get started, we've created this online toolkit to help you navigate the world of record sealing, or what is commonly called expungement. You can find details about your criminal case by using the online case search portal where the charges were filed.

If you have questions or want to apply for Legal Aid, call our HelpLine or apply online 24/7.


Step 1: Pick your next move

I want to seal my criminal record.

I don't qualify for sealing my record, and I want to learn about my other options.

I have court debt or other costs and fines.

I want to attend a free record sealing clinic.

I want to see a list of offenses that can't be sealed. (coming soon)


Step 2: Find your court's paperwork

Click here to find your court's specific paperwork


No matter where you are in this process, you have rights as a returning citizen. Our full booklet on returning citizens' rights is coming soon.