Eviction Prevention Summit: Live Stream

Thank you for joining us (virtually) for Akron's first Eviciton Prevention Summit! For your conveience, please refer to the agenda below when live streaming.

Please note: There is no virtual Q&A option available. We are not able to monitor comments during the live event.

We also are unable to provide tech support for this virtual streaming. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Live Stream Now

8:45 am     Welcome

9:15 am     Panel Block A (attend one):

  1. Housing Equity in Community Redevelopment - From redlining to housing segregation to gentrification, “community development” is often seen as synonymous with “white washing” in the minority communities frequently displaced as a result of it. But it doesn’t have to be this way.
  2. The Rule of Housing Law -  Eviction doesn’t just affect you in the immediate -- it can force renters to lose their federal subsidy, impact their credit scores, and prevent them from being able to rent in the future. Panelists will discuss how housing laws are made, who is consulted in the process, and the role the courts play.

10:45 am   Panel Block B (attend one):

  1. How Can We Coexist Better? -  An honest dialogue between tenants and landlords about fostering relationships built on transparent communication and mutual respect. Panelists also will discuss how to resolve conflict in a productive and humane way.
  2. The Intersection of Health and Housing - Where we live is one of the leading determinants of both physical and mental health. Experts on this panel will discuss current trends and best practices in health and safety in low-income housing.

12:15 pm   Q&A with speaker Matthew Desmond

3:30 pm     Roundtable report-outs

4:00 pm     Closing remarks


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