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Please take a moment to review our 2011 accomplishments. And make sure you join us in 2012 as we celebrate our 60th anniversary.

The Impact of Legal Aid


In an era of diminishing resources and increasing need, it is important to be purposeful in our work. During 2011 we set priorities and achieved impressive results for our clients and for the community.
Throughout this report you will see how the work we do changes lives by preserving homes, stabilizing families, ensuring personal health and safety and creating access to the justice system.
For every dollar invited in Legal Aid, we returned $5 in tangible economic benefits to low income families. An investment in Legal Aid is truly an investment in the community.
Please take a moment to explore our website and learn about the ways in which you can become an Advocate for Justice.

single Signature of Richard Kuhn



Richard R. Kuhn
President, Board of Trustees


Signature of Sara Strattan



Sara E. Strattan
Executive Director


Community Legal Aid Provides...

Community Clinics

Legal Aid responds to the community by providing on-the-spot advice to individuals at over 25 locations throughout its eight county service region.

Easy, accessible intake for all free civil legal services in eight counties. Trained staff conduct eligibility screening, provide community legal information and referrals and direct clients within the system.

Legal Representation
Attorneys provide a full range of legal representation to clients at negotiation, administrative hearings and in court.

Pro Se Assistance
Attorneys and paralegals provide information, instruction and forms so that clients can help themselves in selected legal matters.

Volunteer Legal Services Program
Legal Aid engages private attorneys and law students in the provision of legal services to low income individuals and families by recruiting, training, mentoring and recognizing their efforts.

Our Work

Our priorities for service..

  • Economic Security        
  • Housing Stability
  • Individual, Family Health and Safety
  • Access to Justice

In 2011, for clients, we...

  • Processed 26,000 calls for assistance
  • Closed more than 10,000 cases
  • Inspired nearly 90% to recommend Community Legal Aid Services to another person in need

Where clients live, by county...

Summit3,619  Stark2,132
Mahoning1,714 Trumbull1,091
Portage619 Columbiana434
Wayne409 Medina367

Saving Homes: a client story of success

Medina County resident Dave* and his wife have owned their home for 24 years.
Dave lost his job, and the couple knew that they could not manage their mortgage on his wife’s salary alone. Committed to paying the mortgage, Dave called the lender to try and negotiate a payment plan. The lender refused to negotiate. Dave and his wife fell behind and a foreclosure action was filed.

“We didn’t have any money but knew we needed a lawyer,” explains Dave. He and his wife were only a few years away from paying off their mortgage.

“We couldn’t even think about what would happen if we lost the house,” he says. Dave turned to Legal Aid for help and the Volunteer Legal Services Program (VLSP) matched Dave with a volunteer attorney who was able to negotiate a payment plan with the lender and the foreclosure was prevented.

“It feels like a weight is lifted off our shoulders now that this is over,” says Dave. “We’re not worried about people breathing down our necks anymore. Money is tight but we know we’ll get through this and our house is safe.”

Preventing a foreclosure means families can stay together close to their schools, jobs and support systems. The entire community benefits when homeowners maintain their properties and contribute to bettering the communities they love.

*Clients names and identifying details have been changed to protect client confidentiality.

Supporting Families: a client story of success

After years of abuse, Amy’s* self-esteem and confidence hit rock bottom.
Her husband’s arrest for domestic violence was the wake up call that she needed. She realized that she and her two sons needed to create a new life free from abuse.

In the past she had referred others to Community Legal Aid. Now it was her turn to call.
A Legal Aid attorney helped her with a divorce and obtained an order of protection for her sons.
“It helped me restore a foundation back in my life, and restored my stability as a person and as a mom,” Amy says. “Legal Aid helped me begin a new chapter in my life.”

“Legal Aid provides holistic legal care for victims so we can help them be safe and establish economic independence from their abusers, and hopefully help them regain some of their confidence in themselves,” says Attorney Susan Fitch.

Now Amy is thriving. She is working in a local shop, attending school and doing volunteer work.

Domestic violence hurts families and the community. Legal Aid uses the law to help victims achieve safety and economic independence so they can become strong and stable.

*Clients names and identifying details have been changed to protect client confidentiality.


Area Agencies on Aging
Contributions    $70,600
Donated Services
Legal Services Corporation
Ohio Legal Assistance Foundation
Other government grants
Other income
United Way
Total Income$6,688,891
Management & General Expenses $1,136,576
Program Services
Total Expenses$6,883,942
Change in Net Assets($194,297)


Board of Trustees


Richard R. Kuhn, PresidentAttorney at Law, Canton
JoAnne Wright, Vice PresidentCommunity Volunteer, Youngstown
Robert Christian, TreasurerAttorney at Law, Youngstown
David Ferrell, SecretaryAttorney at Law, Canton


Kim Akins      Attorney at Law, Youngstown
Valerie BaityCommunity Volunteer, Canton
Richard Benson  Law Director, City of Wooster
Derek CekAttorney at Law, Fairlawn
Robert H. CyperskiAttorney at Law, Canton
Thelma D’AntonioCommunity Volunteer, Struthers
Stephen FunkPartner. Roetzel & Andress LLP, Akron
Nancy GrimAttorney at Law, Kent
Tammie Riley JonesAssistant Prosecuting Attorney, Columbiana County
Neil KlingshirnPartner, Fortney & Klingshirn, Akron
Geneva ReidCommunity Volunteer, Warren
Dennis M. ZavinskiAttorney at Law,  Bertrand & Zavinski, Ravenna



Lynn Baumoel
Darlene B. Bonta
Carla Boyle
Carla Bulford
James B. Callen
James J. Connelly
Marie B. Curry
Patricia J. Dougan
Susan M. Fitch
Maureen E. Foley
Koula E. Glaros-King
Dana A. Goldstein
Elsa Reale Gottfried
Cherie H. Howard
Christina M. Janice
Jonathan P. Jennings
Timothy E. Kozlowski Jr.
Christine Blair Legow
Jeffrey A. Lilly
Steven J. McGarrity
Elin Sapell Meyer
David F. Miller Jr.
Laureen M. Moore
Rachel E. Nader
John Petit
Jaime-Lyn Poh
Gregory R. Sain
Wayne W. Sarna
David A. Scott
Erin L. Spencer
Dawn Spriggs
Sara E. Strattan                   
Jennifer J. van Dulmen
Meredith Watts
Richard K. Whitney
Michelle A. Wrona Fox
Paul E. Zindle

Paralegals and Administrative Staff

Cindy Adair —
Lisa Bryant —
Denise Burdette — 
Bonnie Byrd
Peggy Callen —
Deborah Childs —
Jane Clarke — 
Sandra Costa
Lynn DeLuca —
 Lynn Kremin —
Ereka Langford —
Takenya Lindsey
Elena Long —
Vera McNair —
Sharon Merklin —
Kenneth Mirkin
Kelley Molla —
Kimberly Montgomery
Margaret O’Toole
Zoeann Powell —
Susan Reighard —
Shelly Ridzon —
Diane C. Rolland 
Andrea J. Sandej —
Santa Santiago —
Leatrice Sellers
Mikki Sheppard —
Anneli Slocum —
 JoAnn Smith —
Cheryl Steele — 
Crisann Surrena —
Jackie Tate —
Terri Underwood —
Rebecca Walters
John Weston —
Alicia Williamson

"I love working at Legal Aid because it means I can make a positive difference in the life of someone with no where else to turn." Attorney Meredith Watts


AmeriCorps Members

Carla Boyle   
Ed Burns   
Lori Schoenfelder
Kofi Semenya   
William Setliff   
Anahid Thompson

Summer Interns

Susannah Bender               
Lewis Bennett                   
Carla Hatoum
Alexander Kalter               
Kevin Mackin
Robert Molnar
Alex Slabaugh                   
Kenneth Smith                   
Kaley Smitley

VALU Volunteers

Bernie Appugliese        
Lynn Bilal
Hershad Desai                  
Karen Green
Rose Marie Griffiths           
Gail Johnson
Janet Johnson
Lamprini Mathews                 
Mary Monroe
Lynnette Murray                    
Mary Ellen Rhinehart           
Richard Wade

Community Volunteers

Elyse Ball   
Brittany Balside   
Kristina Bright
Tracey Brown   
Kelly Carmen   
Emily Clark
Veronica Clay   
Bobbie Jean Corp   
Leanette DeJesus
Tracy Derteen   
Molly Donohue
Jennifer Ellison
Katherine Eppley   
Rosemary Flanagan
Mark Graziani
Catherine Jenkins   
Kayce Kasten   
Nicole Knepper
Aaron Knoll   
Dawn Langley   
Jenifer Leonard
Jeremiah Lynch   
Ryan McNeil   
Rebecca Pace
Kellye Panagopoulos   
Daryhl Pisano   
Anthony Polizzi
Jarrett Rinehart   
Carey Rogers   
Sandra Saltzman
Mary Santez   
Jonathan Sauline   
Alysse Shaheen
Timothy Smith   
Anahid Thompson   
Kenneth Toth
Christopher Travers   
Susan Tussing   
Adam Vincent
Timothy Yahner

Attorney Volunteers

John Adams
Shubra Agarwal
Kimberly Akins
Stacey L. Alejars
Vincent J. Alfera
Clarissa Allega
Michael Altvater
Brian Angeloni
Jilliann Armstrong
Michael Babyak
Gerald L. Baker
Michelle Baker
Charmine Ballard
Virginia Barborak
John C. Barrington
James Bates
Roger R. Bauer
Lynn Baumoel
Kristine Beard
Gregory A. Beck       
James Benjamin
Joseph C. Bishara
Stephen Bittinger
Allyson J. Blake
Lucas Blower
John J. Bogniard
Debra E. Booher
Karen Bovard
Beverly M. Briggs
Carl Brooker IV
Sean Buchanan
Charles Budde
Charlene E. Burke
David E. Butz
Michael Buzulencia
Christopher Carino
J. Dean Carro
Ross Carter
Mark C. Cavanaugh
John Celebrezze       
Richard M. Chapis  
Diane L. Chermely
John R. Chlysta 
William G. Chris   
Shirley Christian
Robert J. Christian
Michael E. Ciccolini 
Lynn M. Clark
Rebecca Clark 
Wade D. Clark
Diana Colavecchio
Katherine Collin 
Christine Corzin   
Anthony A. Cox
Steven Cox 
Melissa Cramer Smith 
Carol J. Crimi
Patrick Cusma 
Thomas Delventhal  
Sandra Dembie    
Gerrit den Heijer
Vicki L. DeSantis
Hamilton DeSaussure Jr.
Duriya Dhinojwala
William D. Dowling Jr. 
J. Douglas Drushal
Andrew R. Duff 
Deanna Durbin   
William W. Emley Sr.
Hari Ender 
Casey Evans    
Todd W. Evans
Ronald Falconi 
Theresa M. Farwell  
Denise E. Ferguson
David B. Ferrell 
John Fickes     
Estelle D. Flasck 
William M. Flevares
Jeremy J. Foltz    
Bridget Franklin    
Amanda Franzmann
Cara Galeano    
Denise Gary 
George A. Gbur 
Blake R. Gerney   
Marc P. Gertz 
Matthew C. Giannini
Daniel Gigiano   
James Gilbride 
Robert M. Gippin
Daniel K. Glessner  
Michael Goebl 
Richard Goodman
Jennifer Gorby   
Suzanne Gradisher
Sulaiman Roy Graham
Melissa Graham-Hurd 
Paul M. Grant 
Dean Grase    
Nancy Grim
Gary Gross 
John C. Grundy 
Janice Gui      
C. Andrew Haag 
Jennifer Hamey  
Aaron Harrison    
Jeffrey Haupt 
Jill R. Heck 
Steven Heimberger  
Tad Herold 
John Hickey
Patricia Hill
Stephen A. Hill   
Jennifer Himmelein
Sheila Hines    
Belinda Hinton
Steven R. Hobson
Jessica Hoffman  
Linda G. Hoffmann    
Thomas R. Houlihan
Robert R. Hunter, Jr
Amanda Jo Jackson
Chantal Jackson
Michelle Jackson 
Jennifer Jacquemain
Michael L. John
M. Diane Johnson
Christina Joliat-Gabor
Dwayne Jones
Ellen Kaforey 
Patricia Kearney
Daniel Keating 
Brendan J. Keating 
J. Sean Keenan
David A. Keith
Kerri Keller 
Katherine Kelly 
R. Eric Kibler 
Aaron Kimbrell    
Yu Mi Kim-Reynolds
Cheryl Kirkbride
Barbara Knapic
Jesse Knevel 
Mark Knevel
Kimberly Kohli
Brendon Kohrs 
Mark Kolmacic 
Reginald S. Kramer 
Margaret Kreiner
Brian Kren 
Jessica Kress 
Jill Landau
Christina Laskovski 
Sue Lawko 
Bradley S. LeBoeuf
Elliot P. Legow 
Ralph E. Lehman 
 Mary Ellen Leslie
Amanda Lewis     
Jasper Liggins 
Richard C. Lombardi
Christina Londrico 
John Lutseck 
Mitchell A. Machan
Robert D. Maguire
Erich J. Maier 
Michael A. Malyuk
Abigail Marchisio
Ronald Marks 
Victor R. Marsh Jr.
Ronald M. Martin
James Masi 
Harry McKeen
Joseph C. McLeland 
Scott K. McPeek 
Ralph C. Megarge
Kristina Melomed 
James Melone 
Thomas N. Michaels   
Patrick John Milligan 
Corey Minor Smith 
Andrea S. Minton
Marie Moore 
Michael J. Moran 
Herbert J. Morello
J. P. Morgan 
Robert J. Morris 
Jack W. Morrison Jr.
Jack Morrison Jr. 
Scott E. Mullaney  
Jennifer Murphy
Chandra Muster 
R. Bryan Nace
Richard A. Nicodemo
Joshua Nolan
Ralph L. Oates 
John C. Oberholtzer
Matthew W. Oby 
Michael A. Ogniben    
Jon A. Oldham
Joseph K. Oldham 
Robert L. Oldham
Lillian Ortiz
Clarke W. Owens
Albert Palombaro
Tamara Parkin
Charles Parry 
Gwen Perry 
J. Lee Petersen
Caryn Peterson  
John C. Pierson
Gregory T. Plesich
Dianna Prehn
Greg Price
Leigh Prugh
Gerald Pursley
Amanda Quan
Megan Raber
Fred Rafidi   
John Ramsey 
T. Keith Randall
James Recupero
Nikki L. Reed 
Becky Reese
Jerome G. Reid 
Michael Repella II
Robert Rischitelli
Jennifer R. Robbins
Kelly L. Roberts 
Melissa Rocci
Rita Myers Rochford
Wendy J. Rockenfelder
Barbara J. Rogachefsky
Beverly Rose
Anthony Rossi
Michael D. Rossi
Melissa A. Roubic
Katherine E. Rudzik
Gregory J. Rufo     
Robert N. Rusu
Jacob Rzepka 
Joann Sahl 
Mark A. Salerno
Thomas M. Saxer
Michael A. Scala 
John T. Scanlon
Mark J. Scarpitti
Justin Schafer 
Phillip Schandel
Anthony Scott 
Michael D. Sermersheim
Jonea Shade
Michele Sherrin 
Shirley A. Simon 
Roxanne Sims
Allen Sinclair 
Corinne Six 
Lee T. Skidmore
Colin Skinner     
Brian Smith 
Deborah L. Smith
Heather Smith
Derek Somogy 
Loren E. Souers Jr.
Tamara Stanford
Mark Stasitis 
Kevin Stephen
Brett Stevens
Scot A. Stevenson
Irving B. Sugerman
Allan Sweet
Brenda Sweet
Robert S. Thomas II
Kathleen Thompson
Robert T. Tinl
Michele Tomer
Douglas Toot
David Tschantz
Mary Myers Tschantz    
Melissa Ulrich
Michael S. Urban
Michael VanBuren
Barbara A. Venesy
Mark Verkhlin
Barbara Vimont
James Vitale
James Vivo
Susan Vogel
James Wagner
Melissa Walter
Melissa Watson
Richard Weber
Barbara Weinschenk
Kurt Weitendorf
Nicole Welsh
Randy K. Wilson
Jacqueline Winer
Constance L. Witt
Kenneth Wood  
Nancy Yakubek
Robert Lee York
A. William Zavarello

Attorney Volunteers and Law Firms of the Year!

Columbiana County
Mahoning County
Medina County
Portage County
Stark County
Summit County
Trumbull County
Wayne County

Firm of the Year
Firm of the Year

Constance L. Witt
Matthew C. Giannini  and James Vivo
Robert T. Tinl 
Ralph C. Megargel
Todd W. Evans and T. Keith Randall
Denise E. Ferguson and Scot A. Stevenson
Brendan J. Keating
Ralph E. Lehman

Goldman & Rosen Law Firm
Lane and Rusu Law Firm



United Ways of:

Funders and Supporters

Community Supporters

Individual Donors

Champion ($5,000+)

Hanna Campbell & Powell, LLP
Perantinides & Nolan Co., LPA

Leader ($499-$999)

Akron Bar Association—
Gary D. Benz
Robert W. Briggs —
Jeffrey J. Casto —
Stephen W. Funk
Dean G. Lauritzen —
Marc Merklin —
PGA Tour Inc.
Regas & Haag Ltd —
Thomas P. Semple —
Shifrin Newman Smith Inc.
Thomas R. Trotter —
Mark Watkins —
John C. Weisensell
Marta J. Williger —
William Zavarello —
Charles E. Zumkehr
Stark County Association For Justice

Supporter ($150-$399)

Karen Denise Adinolfi — 
Gerald L. Baker
F. Daniel Balmert — 
Kathryn A. Belfance
Buckingham Doolittle &
       Burroughs, LLP
David P. Bertsch — 
James P. Burke
William A. Callison —
Russ Pry’s Change For Change
Robert J. Christian 
Michael E. Ciccolini
CLAS/NOLS Employees —
Sandra Watkins Cleaver
Dennis R. Clunk —
G. Frederick Compton
Thelma D'Antonio —
David B. Ferrell — 
John Filak
Terrence S. Finn —
James G. Floyd — 
Robert M. Gippin
Nancy Grim —
John P. Hickey — 
Linda M. Jackson
Johnson & Johnson —
Kris Keniray
Margaret H. Kreiner — 
Lubrizol —
Sallie C. Lux
Steven A. Maurer — 
Steven J. McGarrity
Todd M. McKenney —
John W. McKenzie
George M. Miller   —
Robert D. Phillips
Barbara Porzio
Paul A. Rose
Alfred E. Schrader —
Bruce R. Schrader
Michael D. Sermersheim —
Katherine C. Smith
John W. Solomon —
Roger J. Stevenson
Jane Murphy —
Timken —
Barbara A. Venesy
James L. Wagner —
Patricia A. Walker
Amanda L. Wall —
Jason M. Weigand
Kurt R. Weitendorf —
Patrick J. Weschler
Todd L. Willis

Friend ($50-$149)

Amato Law Office 
John Thomas Batchelder
Robert Berger 
Bert L. Bishop 
Joan E. Bradley
Kevin J. Breen 
Herman Joseph Carach
William G. Chris
Lisa L. Coates 
Craig T. Conley 
Marie B. Curry 
Robert H. Cyperski
Ronald W. Dougherty
Linda Duffy 
Susan L. Durr
Bruce H. Fahey 
Jill K. Fankhauser
Mark K. Fankhauser 
Thomas V. Ferrero
Jeffrey A. Fickes   
Neal Fitzgerald 
Jeremy J. Foltz Teresa Fout 
Christopher J. Freeman
Friends Of Russ Pry 
Gerald J. Glinsek
Janice Gui
Rosemarie A. Hall 
Thomas Allen Hill
Gary L. Himmel 
Roberta A. Huncharek 
Titus Jackman 
Jonathan L. Kessler 
Joseph S. Kodish 
Kimberly Kohli 
Richard R. Kuhn
David G. Lombardi 
Dennis A. Lundell
Aletha  Magyaros 
Joseph Martuccio 
Bruce J. May 
Brian E. McMahon 
Deborah A. Nitzsche
David Brian Nolin 
Jennifer Novotny
Alan C. Oberster 
John Patrick O'Neill
Antoinette Oppenlander 
Barbara R. Oswick
Mary B. Outley-Kelly
Charles W. Parry   
Barbara J. Patterson 
Jacqueline K. Peck 
Jennifer M. Piatt
Marvin S. Platt
Kenneth Preston
Leigh Prugh 
Charles E. Ringer
Carmen V. Roberto 
Melissa R.V. Roubic 
Matthew Scherer  
Joan Selby 
Marvin A. Shapiro
Jim Allen Shields
Sam O. Simmerman 
Tracy A. Thomas 
Mary Myers Tschantz
Jennifer J. van Dulmen  
Donald S. Varian 
Scott A. Washam  
Ann L. Wehener   
James R. Williams  
Richard L. Williger
Thomas J. Wilson 
Deborah Zahar

Contributor (Up to $49)

Applebee's Restaurants —
Kristen Bates Aylward —
David A. Basinski
Richard Rhoe Benson —
Diane Blocker Braun —
Karl Y. Cai
Gilho Cho —
Janet M. Ciotola —
Harold E. DeHoff
Laurence A. Divoky
Annette M. Durben —
Julie A. Edwards
Lucille Gillespie —
Dana A. Goldstein —
Kristen D. Guardado
John E. Holcomb —
Suzanne K. Ketler —
J. Matthew Lanier
Lisa Okolish Miller —
Annie R. Norris
Richard B. Pinhard
Zoeann Powell —
Melissa S. Riley-Smith —
Adam Rosen
Mary Lou Sekula —
Michael R. Stith —
Jennifer Sue Svec
Bernard S. Winick —
JoAnne Wright —
Matthew Yackshaw

2010 Annual ReportPrintE-mailPDF

2010 was a year of challenges for the community and Legal Aid. However, even in the midst of challenges, we find reason to hope. Legal Aid - planting hope.


Annual ReportsPrintE-mailPDF

Read about the accomplishments of Legal Aid over the past years.
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